DSC_8565Finally my dream became true! I visited my favorite place in the world, my dream city, and now I love this place more that ever! Yeah.. that’s enough but I’m really excited about London! But let’s talk about fashion now! Well, when you are thinking of London the first thoughts are about .. The Queen, The Big Ben, London Eye, Tea and of course FASHION! In my opinion London, New York, Milan and Paris are the “Capitals” of fashion so there you can see except of the plenty of clothes shops but also very stylish people! I can tell you honestly that I count UP to 20 people that was Fashion icons and hundreds of stylish people! So as my first time to London I decided to wear something casual but the same time sophisticated. So first things first a total black outfit from Pull and bear and Primark ( I recommend total black ) My black boots from Primark too! and my favorite coat from Top Man! For accessorizes I choose a white “diamond” necklace from Top Man and of course my hat! So if you love FASHION you have to visit this City and you will love it! See you in the next post!

DSC_8638 copy



Thank you!


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